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It was not Confidential Archive, but a statement of good luck to the presenter from Rio Grande do Sul, who takes over the Meeting, in partnership with Manoel Soares, from 7/4.

“The challenge of the present is the great challenge. Life is made of cycles”, pointed out Patricia, who was surprised by Fatinha’s words:

Fátima Bernardes sent a message to Patrícia Poeta, wishing her good luck in command of the ‘Encontro’ — Photo: TV Globo

“Once again Patricia replacing me. First on the JN bench, and now at the Meeting.”

“I am very happy, because I know that the program will be in great hands. I know that Patricia will take care of everything with great respect, as she always did.”

“We were never together on the stage of the Meeting, and we will be in 1/7, in an emotional baton handover”, said Fátima.

‘The challenge of the present is the great challenge’, said Patrícia Poeta about taking on the ‘Encontro’ — Photo: TV Globo

Excited, Patricia returned the affection:

“I’m holding myself here so I don’t cry. I have a great affection for Fátima, and I’m happy that our paths are crossing once again.”

“The Encontro is a child of Fátima. All her love, affection and passion are there, and I will do my best.”

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