Petrobras pays more than R$24 billion to shareholders this Monday; government will receive R$ 8.8 billion | Economy

The gross amount distributed this Monday corresponds to dividends and interest on equity (JCP) of R$1.857745 per outstanding common and preferred share, based on the shareholding position on May 23, 2022.

Of the R$ 24.25 billion that will be paid this Monday, the Union will receive R$ 8.85 billion.

“The total allocated for dividends by Petrobras in the first quarter of 2022 amounts to R$ 48.5 billion, of which R$ 17.7 billion for the Union (Federal Union, BNDES and BNDESPar). The amounts will be paid in equal installments in the months of June and July”, Petrobras informed.

  • Petrobras has a profit of R$ 44.561 billion in the first quarter
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The second installment will be paid on July 20.

The federal government is Petrobras’ largest shareholder. The Union holds 36.6% of the company’s total capital.

The distribution of part of the profits to shareholders was announced on May 5, when Petrobras reported net income of R$ 44.561 billion in the first quarter. The oil company’s profit was the highest ever recorded by a publicly traded Brazilian company for the first quarter.

In 2021, Petrobras distributed to its shareholders a record amount of BRL 72.7 billion in dividends. Until then, the highest amount paid by the company had been registered in 2009, when R$ 15.4 billion were distributed, according to financial information provider Economatica.

In addition to dividends, the results achieved by Petrobras also return through the payment of taxes. According to the company, in the first quarter almost R$ 70 billion were paid in taxes, royalties and government participation.

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