Photos of Simaria on the big screen make Simone’s show compared to a wake

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06/19/2022 11:25 amupdated on 06/19/2022 12:46 pm

After Simaria announced a career break due to “medical determination”, Simone has been fulfilling the duo’s concert schedule alone. At the presentation in Conceição do Mato Dentro, in Minas Gerais, last Friday, it was no different. One detail, however, caught the public’s attention: a montage with photos of Simaria on a big screen.

A video posted on social media shows Simone singing the song “Amiga” while photos of Simaria in black and white, surrounded by flowers, are displayed at the back of the stage. The images became a joke for the resemblance to a “wake” for the absent singer.

“This party turned into a funeral,” joked a fan on social media.

“It was just putting the clip in the background”, pointed out another follower.

“Stop putting this video of Simaria’s wake on the timeline, I can’t stand to laugh anymore”, commented a fan.

A similar montage was shown during the countrywoman’s birthday party last Tuesday, in São Paulo. Therefore, some fans speculate that the video was just “repurposed” at the concert in Conceição de Mato Dentro.

Differences between the duo

Before Simaria announced the break, the sisters had been having public disagreements. A discussion between them on the recording of “Programa do Ratinho” (SBT) was leaked on the internet in May and, in June, the two starred in a “climate” during a show in São João do Caruaru.

In addition, the day before announcing that she would leave the stage, Simaria gave an interview to the column of journalist Leo Dias, on the Metrópoles portal, talking about the difficult coexistence with her sister: “Everything I’m going to do, I’m criticized by Simone Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself?”, he complained.

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