Published conversations of Melhem and actress who accuses him of harassment

Part of the conversations between Marcius Melhem and an actress and writer, who plays a key role in the accusations against the former director for sexual harassment, came to light this Sunday, 19.

Columnist Ricardo Feltrin, from UOL, obtained the messages in the investigation records and decided to publish them because he considered “content is fundamental to help clarify what happened”.

According to the indictment, among other things, there would be a WhatsApp group called “Sex” that Melhem used to tell that they had had sex the night before. The woman in question was the one who accused the former director of demanding oral sex. The case was exposed by the magazine Piauí.

Credit: Reproduction / TVGloboFor victims’ lawyer, Melhem case is about ‘attempted rape’

The actress told the Civil Police that, after a night in which they had sex, Melhem began an abusive relationship, suggesting in public that she had no talent and began to cut off work invitations.

She is one of seven women who accuse the actor of sexual harassment and harassment, abusive relationship, abuse of power, inappropriate behavior and embarrassment.

The actress approached TV Globo’s compliance department in late 2019 and early 2020 to complain about Melhem’s behavior.

She also went to the Special Police Station for Assistance to Women (Deam), in Rio, where an investigation of sexual harassment and harassment is open.

The former director’s office sent the following clarification note on the case:

“Marcius Melhem continues to affirm that secrecy does not favor him and, for him, everything would be open, clear and transparent. But as long as there is secrecy, it will be respected. Therefore, Melhem will not manifest. It was he who sought justice, confident that the truth will come out in his time.”

Remember the sexual harassment allegation case

After several complaints of sexual and moral harassment, actor Marcius Melhem was fired from TV Globo in August 2020. Famous people spoke about the case, including Dani Calabresa, who in turn, was one of the first celebrities to denounce the former. director of the station’s humorous nucleus.

“Zorra”, “Fora de Hora”, “Tá No Ar: A TV Na TV”, “This a Globo Não Mostra”, “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” and “Os Caras de Pau” were attractions commanded by Melhem on the station.

marcius melhem

Credit: Reproduction / GloboMarcius Melhem was coordinator of the Humor Department at the Rio de Janeiro station.

According to the report published by Piauí magazine, the first time that Marcius Melhem harassed Dani Calabresa was in 2017. The act took place during a party celebrating the 100th episode of the program “Zorra”. At the first moment of the night, the two went up to sing at Karaoke and this would have been the first attempt by Melhem à Calabresa, who tried to kiss her.

Quickly exiting the stage to the bathroom, she found Melhem on the spot again. At this moment, he would have tried to pin the actress to the wall, trying to kiss her. Apparently, he also licked the comedian’s face forcibly, in addition to sticking out his penis. As soon as Dani Calabresa returned to the table, she was comforted by her friends George Sauna and Luís Miranda, and the latter artist was the one who heard the report of the violence suffered by her.

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