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After being announced as the theme of Império Serrano’s plot, Arlindo Cruz is present on the school’s courtinstagram playback

Published 06/19/2022 11:42 | Updated 06/19/2022 15:25

Rio – Emotion took over the court at Império Serrano this Saturday night. After seven years, Arlindo Cruz returned to the place to participate in the launch of the 2023 Carnival theme, entitled ‘Places of Arlindo’, in his honor. In a wheelchair, the samba singer was taken to the stage by his wife, Babi Cruz, and could receive the affection of the public alongside his children, Arlindinho and Flora, and some members of the school.

At the time, Babi couldn’t hold back the tears. She even opened her heart when talking about the special moment she was living. “Can anyone imagine how I am here inside? Living is a miracle! Let’s believe that the miracle exists, because Arlindo is a miracle! He is coming and receiving this love from you”, she said. “He loves this place, these people, this culture,” she said.

At the event, Arlindinho sang one of his father’s hits, the song ‘Meu Lugar’. Soon after, he released his voice and rocked the audience to the sound of the samba-plot ‘O Império do Divino’ (2006) and ‘E Verás Que Um Filho Teu Não Fuge à Luta’ (1996). Through Instagram, the singer was thrilled with the presence of Arlindo Cruz on the court. “After seven years, Arlindo Cruz returns to the court of Império Serrano”.

Arlindo Cruz suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), while taking a shower, in 2017. In a recent report, Babi Cruz said that in these five years the actor has already undergone 14 surgeries, five of which in the head, pulmonary embolism, and he was even disillusioned by the doctors.


Back in the Special Group, Império Serrano will bring the life and work of Arlindo Cruz to Sapucaí. The plot will be developed by the carnival artist Alex de Souza. As in a circle of friends, Império Serrano promotes a reunion to celebrate the great Arlindo Cruz. In this party watered with a lot of samba, we will remember its history, its successes and, with them, walk paths that will take us to places, real and symbolic, that mark the trajectory of this imperian of faith”, says the professional.

New hires

The new hires of Império Serrano for the next carnival were also announced during the event this Saturday, the 18th. In addition to Alex de Souza, the interpreter Ito Melodia, the choreographer of the front commission Junior Scapin, had the first contact with the imperial family. and the 1st master-room and flag-bearer couple Marlon Flôres and Danielle Nascimento.

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