Rafa Kalimann opens the game about the weight loss process

Rafa Kalimann went through a weight loss process and is showing on the web his body with 10kg less. However, she revealed in an interview that she decided to go on a diet for the sake of health and not for aesthetics, despite loving the body she is in at the moment.

The ex-sister had a body with many curves and fuller, however, she recently appeared thin and dry. The sudden change ended up taking many netizens by surprise and Rafa received a series of attacks for his new appearance, even being accused of using drugs.


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“They wrote that he was using drugs, that he was sick, that he had anorexia. Damn, I’m at the stage where I’m loving my body the most in life! Ended my day. I went to the hotel to cry. I think the body should not be questioned.”he recalled, in an interview with O Globo.

“Not for aesthetics”

The secret of Rafa Kalimann’s weight loss was to cut some things out of her routine, such as gluten, lactose and red meat, and thus, she ended up losing 10 kg and feels fulfilled with the body of the moment.

“I have been with a psychologist for six years. I discovered that I wanted to fit into a pattern to please others. I cut gluten, red meat, lactose… Not for aesthetic reasons. To be more willing. I ended up losing 10 pounds. This feeling of well-being is much more addictive than chocolate.”declared.

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