Ramsay Hunt: what are the symptoms and how to treat the syndrome that paralyzed part of Justin Bieber’s face | Fantastic

The revelation moved fans around the world. The singer said he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt – a syndrome that causes facial paralysis. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same as chickenpox and shingles.

The singer appeared with half his face paralyzed – Photo: Reproduction

After a person gets chickenpox, they can have the virus incubated for a long time. Until, in a moment of low immunity, the virus can be reactivated. In very rare cases, like Justin’s, it hits a specific nerve, near the ears. This causes paralysis in parts of the face and loss of basic movements, such as closing the eyes or smiling.

“Usually, she comes with pain. It can give some skin lesions that, sometimes, the person doesn’t even see. Inside the ear can happen blisters, lesions. And then, unlike other types of herpes zoster, Ramsay Hunt causes changes in strength and paralysis of the muscles in that region”, explains USP infectologist Vivian Avelino.

According to the doctor, an antiviral treatment is needed. She also says that physical therapy is a very important strategy and that, the sooner a person starts treatment against the virus, the better.

To prevent the syndrome, doctors recommend a vaccine for anyone over 50 who has had chickenpox at some point in their lives. It is found only in the private network and varies between R$550 and R$850.

Bieber is one of the attractions of the festival Rock in Riowhich takes place in September, in Rio de Janeiro. The organization of the event said that, so far, the singer’s participation is confirmed.

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