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For taxpayers waiting for the 2022 Income Tax refund, the second batch must have its consultation released on June 23. This will be the first to be paid regardless of priorities. Considering the IRS payment schedule, information on how much entitled taxpayers will receive should be available one week before payment.

Payment of the second batch of Income Tax refund will be made on Thursday (30). For IRPF 2022, payments are considering the extension of the deadline for submitting the declaration to May 31, and refunds will be corrected from June onwards by the basic interest rate – the Selic.

To make the query, the taxpayer can access the website of the Federal Revenue, or use the Personal Income Tax application, available on the App Store or Google Play. If there is a release, the value will be displayed in the query. If it is not included in the respective batch, the information that will appear is “declaration is in the Federal Revenue database – Processed – in refund queue”.

Payments are made according to the batch schedule, following the order defined by the date of transmission of the declaration. At any time, however, the claim in the refund queue may return for analysis.

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