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After Ronaldo’s announcement, made in April, Valladolid carried out this Monday, the institution’s 94th anniversary, the change of its shield. The club, which has Phenomenon as its owner, has used the same emblem since 1998.

At launch, the club defines the change as an evolution, “a reflection of a new era for the club”. An in-depth research was carried out to study the past in depth and thus be able to project the identity of Real Valladolid into the future.

Team members, historians and supporters were heard to understand their views on the club’s past and future. “Respecting the essence and promoting the future” was the premise that guided the change. The new crest is inspired by that of 1928 and reinforces the club’s key elements: colors (white and violet), flames and crown.

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Ronaldo’s Real Valladolid launches new badge on 94th birthday – Photo: Reproduction

After the announcement of the change, made by Ronaldo about two months ago, the Valladolid fans had already shown themselves against the decision. at the party of access back to the first division of the Spanish Championshipbanners and shouts with the words “the shield is not touched” were exposed.

With the implementation of the change, the club’s followers were not forgiving on social media. Valladolid’s official Twitter, which made an announcement with a sequence of videos explaining the historical research carried out for the creation of the new shield, received a series of messages of disapproval.

It was even left for Ronaldo, who had his physical bearing exposed in a meme comparing the club’s first badge, thinner, with the current, thicker version. See some posts below.

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