S for the rich: Guarulhos airport has a VIP – Nacional terminal

Passengers transit through Guarulhos airport
A contract with Arab and Canadian investors must be signed for the construction of the site (photo: Filipe Frazao/Getty Images)

This week, the National Civil Aviation Secretariat authorized the Guarulhos International Airport, in So Paulo, to build an exclusive terminal for wealthy passengers.

A contract with Arab and Canadian investors must be signed for the construction of the site, which is expected to cost US$ 80.6 million (R$ 415 million, in the current exchange rate). The intention is to serve passengers of executive or first class jets, who have traveled long distances.

In addition, investors want to compete with “So Paulo Catarina”, a private international airport aimed at high-income travelers.

The advantage of Guarulhos, which is only 25 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, while the competitor is 74.

The Secretary of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ronei Glanzmann, says that this is a common practice in other airports in the world, but that it does not yet exist in Latin America, and the one in So Paulo will be the largest in the world, with 4 thousand meters squares.

The environment will have exclusive posts for the Federal Police, Anvisa and the Federal Revenue Service. The terminal must offer a service to pick up the passenger at home or wherever he is staying.

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