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Santos president Andrés Rueda called a press conference on Monday and accused a club official of trying to bribe a Bragantino player in a match between the two clubs for the Brazilian Women’s Championship. The leader did not reveal the name of the accused, who was fired.

– We had a regrettable fact this weekend that could be the head of an iceberg of what is happening in our football. An employee of our club, women’s football, using a Bragantino intermediary, tried to bribe a Bragantino player to arrange an elastic result in the first half of the game for betting purposes – said Rueda.

The match was this Sunday and ended in a 1-1 draw. According to Rueda, the player allegedly wanted to receive the bribe called Bragantino’s executive director, Thiago Scuro, and reported the case.

– The claim is that Bragantino was already eliminated. The player promptly refused the proposal and informed her superiors, who have a very strong relationship with Thiago, even presenting material evidence, prints of conversations. As soon as it came to our attention, together with Thiago, we took some measures. Actions we take immediately: dismissal for just cause of all those involved. We immediately officiate the CBF, placing the evidence, the prints.

– The result was not to be the result of the match, it was for some conditions to happen in the first half.

Andrés Rueda, president of Santos — Photo: Bruno Giufrida

Rueda also raised suspicion about the possible participation of arbitration in the scheme. The president of Santos reported a scene that, according to him, needs to be investigated: an employee of the club (Rueda did not specify if it is the same accused) would have delivered an envelope to the fourth referee of the match before the ball rolled. The manager did not say what was inside the envelope.

– There is even a passage from the beginning of the game, a weird thing to say, an employee supposedly giving an envelope to the fourth referee (Adeli Mara Monteiro) in front of the judge (Marianna Nanni Batalha), who has to be investigated. We notify the CBF. We have opened a BO for criminal investigation of the facts and we are preparing all the material to forward to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We won’t be happy until we clear up all the rot,” she said.

– I am unable to assess (if there was arbitration involved). The image is public (of the envelope being delivered). And we passed this image, all this, to the CBF, to the police, to investigate.

– It is a fact that happened in the game. I don’t want to be flippant. The envelope appears. It has to be investigated, because it’s a completely strange attitude: before the game starts, go there and deliver an envelope.

Image alleged by Santos about the alleged presence of an envelope with the fourth referee in the game against Bragantino — Photo: Reproduction

Rueda asked that the episode cause changes in Brazilian refereeing and questioned whether some errors are actually errors.

– At this moment when we are practically putting certain suspicions on the referees, nobody understands, maybe things start to get a little clearer. There’s something strange going on. What do we ask for? We are asking the entire community that wants the best for our football, the press, clubs, the CBF itself, the federations, to come together and immediately demand the professionalization of arbitration, with investigations of all series of Brazilian football, to determine if any errors that are happening are errors – he said.

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O ge seeks contact with Bragantino, with the CBF and with the referees Adeli Mara Monteiro and Marianna Nanni Batalha to give their versions of the accusations made by the president of Santos. As soon as there is a response, this text will be updated.

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