So far no one knows why Glove de Pedreiro freaked out

Nobody knows yet which was the reason for the outburst of Iran Ferreira, 20 years old, the Luva de Pedreiro, which became a phenomenon on social networks and has more than 14 million followers on its platforms. This weekend, Iran recorded a video in which he talks about “taking a break” from his videos on the internet:

“Thank God, Dad. I’m for my followers. What my followers say to me there… Are you connected? I don’t drink, partner. I’m sane. Are you on? But I want to vent on this p… I’m fed up, already”, he said.

Meet Iran Ferreira, the “Luva de Pedreiro”, new hit of the moment

And he continued: “A hug for you there. These days I don’t post a video, no. I’m going to stay there for a while… Are you connected? No posting video. I’m going to cool my head, gee! They’re pissing the guy off. Dust. Following this p… is alone. God and my fans, bro. Fuck… the rest is the rest.”

In the space dedicated to comments, fans even suggested that Iran would be in need of help. He’s become a world celebrity and he wouldn’t be taking the pressure. Others imagine that Iran may have fallen out with his manager. Everything, for now, is a mystery.

Due to the large audience on social media, Iran Ferreira was invited to watch the Champions League final, between Liverpool and Real Madrid, in Paris. On the occasion, PSG took the opportunity to welcome him to the Parc des Princes, where they recorded videos with him and used them in their official accounts.

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