Talitha Morete apologizes live on ‘É de Casa’ and sends a message to Dona Silene; watch

After retracting herself on social media, Talitha Morete reinforced her apology live on this Saturday’s ‘É de Casa’ (18). As soon as she appeared in front of the cameras in the morning, the presenter addressed the mistake she made last week, which led to accusations of structural racism.

Morete met Dona Silene selling cocadas in a beauty salon and invited her to teach the recipe on TV Globo. During the cook’s participation, the presenter, standing up, asked Silene to get up to serve the other members of the attraction. Silene was the only black woman among the nine present. The scene resonated very badly and made thousands of viewers uncomfortable watching it.

I wanted to start today’s program by apologizing to you from home. I’ve already done this on my social networks, but I want to ask here too, as I already did with Dona Silene, who I invited last week to come here to share with us, her recipe, for a wonderful cocada. And I asked Dona Silene to serve the cocada she made for us when, in fact, I should have served her. I made a mistake and I want to turn this episode into a learning experience“, acknowledged Talitha.

During the episode, when observing the contours that the scene took, Manoel Soares, also presenter of ‘É de Casa’, promptly intervened. The journalist took the tray himself and began to deliver the delicacy to those present. Morete also thanked his co-worker. “It’s an episode that served as a learning experience not only for me, but for a lot of people. And I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague, Manoel Soares, for taking care of Mrs. Silene. It is very important when we are in a diverse group, which proves how the world can be better when it includes everyone“, she pointed out.

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Finally, Talitha sent a message directly to the guest. “Dona Silene, my love, all my love and respect for you. And I hope and wish that you sell a lot of cocada!“, ended. Watch:

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