Truck driver leaders counter Lira for attacking Petrobras: Fake news virus – 06/20/2022

The president of the Chamber, deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL), was harshly criticized by leaders of the truck drivers category for attacking Petrobras in an article published yesterday in Folha de S. Paulo. In the text, Lira says that the company had the presidency “kidnapped by an illegitimate president, who does not represent the majority shareholder (the government) and practices corporate terrorism” as personal revenge against Jair Bolsonaro. The president of the Chamber promises to abandon the largest Brazilian company “to its own luck”.

Wallace Landim, known as Chorão, president of Abrava (Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers), denounces that Lira’s objective is to enforce the partnership with Bolsonaro. “The president of the Chamber is trying to take the government’s responsibility and put it only on Petrobras”, complained Chorão to the column. “The current president of Petrobras is legitimate, he was appointed by Bolsonaro”.

The president of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of Autonomous and Celetist Truck Drivers, deputy Nereu Crispim (PSD-RS), countered Lira. “He got infected with the fake news virus, he made a real Tabajara demonstration!”, Crispim complains. “It’s worse than the blatant lies of President Jair Bolsonaro.”

Lira announces in the article that “Brazil is going to attack Petrobras” and raises suspicions about the leaders. “How much do your directors spend on their trips? How much does accommodation cost? Where do they stay abroad? What cars do they drive in? Who pays for their lunches and dinners? (…) How did they build their assets?” The deputy from Alagoas extends the insinuations to the directors’ relatives.

“The parliamentary front of truck drivers will inform Lira this Monday that the president of Petrobras is appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro, who he supports. that he supports”, protests Crispim. “And that all this mess with electoral purposes is subordinated to the lying president of the Republic who has not fulfilled his campaign promises to truck drivers, which he supports”.

Abrava’s representative alleges that Lira does not present any solution for the high fuel prices. “The government is the majority shareholder in the company, this denialist and aggressive discourse does not solve the problem, it is an affront to the intelligence of Brazilians”, Chorão counters. “Lira thinks that Petrobras is a luxury condominium in Maceió”.

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