Two people die in a boat accident in Capitólio (MG), five months after the tragedy – Brazil

Two people died in an accident with a boat in the early evening of Saturday (18) in Lago de Furnas, in the municipality of Capitol, in Minas Gerais. In January, the fall of a 900 ton rock on speedboats killed ten other people visiting the region’s canyons.

According to information about Saturday’s accident, released in a note by the Public Association of Municipalities of the Middle Rio Grande Microregion (AMEG), a speedboat with 14 passengers had mechanical problems and requested support from another vessel nearby to rescue the passengers.

A boat with 10 other passengers tried to help the boat adrift and, when the passengers were transshipped, the boat could not bear the weight and capsized, the note says. At least two passengers, a woman from the city of Paraguaçu (MG) and a man from Guarulhos (SP) were unable to get out from under the vessel and drowned. Others suffered minor bruises.

Men from the Brazilian Navy tried to revive the two victims until the arrival of the SAMU, which confirmed the deaths. According to the note, the mayor of Capitólio, Cristiano Silva, regretted the accident. “We have been working constantly to increase safety in the region. All vessels are required to provide enough life jackets for all passengers and crew,” said the mayor.

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