Victor Chaves assumes unhappiness and detonates time alongside Léo

Victor Chaves declares unhappiness at the height of success with his brother

the country duo Victor & Leo, was one of the most famous in Brazil. Sadly, the sibling duo broke up some time ago. At the height of his fame, no one beat his musical hits.

After several controversies from Victor Chavesthe duo ended up finding each other strange and ending the partnership, to the great sadness of the fans. Victor & Leo marked history and left a memorable legacy.

the sertanejo Victor Chaves, in an interview with Canal Rural, declared about the end of the duo with his brother: “Many people don’t understand the duo’s stop. Why don’t you understand? When a couple separates in the family, and he had a lot of admiration there, nobody understands,” he said.

Victor Chaves exemplified about her broken relationship with her brother in the song: “But you don’t understand why you didn’t live with these people, and when you don’t live with someone you don’t know their particularities. In the same way with a musical duo, you have 27 years of career, so you are a winning duo. Now when he got there, I want one thing, and the other wants another, or I’m going to enslave him, telling him that he has to do what I want or I’m going to be enslaved by him. And then no one is happy”, clarified the singer.

Victor Chaves is currently a solo career and disclosed his new work in the interview: “Now I’m recording a new album called VC 2 so that there is content and people come from this continuation of the art, solo. So when the time is right I will. The stage calls us!”, assumed the artist.

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Victor and Leo (Photo: Reproduction)
Victor and Leo (Photo: Reproduction)


Despite the public begging the duo to Victor & Leo come back to the stages of the country, their intention is to remain separate, since each one of them is successful with their songs.

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In an interview with André Piunti, on YouTube, Leo Chaves made a statement about fame alongside his brother. “We have reached a level of success that is rare in country music. It got absurd and going back to being a normal person is a big challenge. It was something I needed to do or I was going to freak out.”

“It was really crazy, we hid. The medium itself, the artistic context, makes you isolate yourself in a cocoon. When the artist is like that, he can’t even face himself in the mirror and I took it out on the drink. I had to get out of it,” he recalled. Leo Chaves.

Victor Chaves

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Singer Victor Chaves (Photo: Reproduction)

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