Video shows bomb being thrown at homeless residents in downtown SP | Sao Paulo

Video circulating this Sunday (19) on social media shows at least one bomb being thrown at homeless residents in the Praça da Sé region, in downtown São Paulo. (look above). Witnesses said bombs were thrown after teenagers tried to break into a market (learn more below).

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In the footage, released by Father Júlio Lancellotti on his Twitter account, it is possible to see the moment when the artifact is thrown towards a person who walks with a blanket to protect himself from the cold.

The bomb hits a grate and splits, spreading white smoke and startling people, who run away. A rescuer who appears wearing a mask and uniform steps away from the stretcher to protect herself.

Father Júlio Lancellotti published a video that shows a bomb being thrown at homeless residents in the Praça da Sé region, downtown São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

At the bottom of the image it is possible to see other points with smoke, apparently from other bombs that would have been launched further away.

The report was unable to speak to Lancellotti, who is from the Pastoral do Povo da Rua. On his page, he wrote: “Now the night at Sé. Pop in a cold street situation waits for service and receives bombs.”

Witnesses said bombs were thrown after two teenagers tried to rob a couple who were passing through the Center. One of the victims had a pocketknife and injured one of the offenders.

The couple then ran to a market to avoid being robbed. But other teenagers followed and tried to break into the commerce. Bombs were then dropped to disperse the offenders, according to witnesses.

Until the last update of this report, the state and municipal security secretariats had not confirmed whether any of their agents had thrown the bombs, which would have been morale gas. There is also no confirmation whether security forces were carrying out any operations at the site. And there is no information about the reasons that would have led agents to throw bombs at people.

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