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Launched in 2022, the Galaxy A53 has received several improvements and evolutions over its predecessor. As a result, it has become an excellent mid-range smartphone option on the market. However, is it a match for last year’s Galaxy S52S? Which of the two intermediaries is better? Find out in the comparison below!


Both Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A52S are equipped with an IP67 rating, which makes them resistant to water and dust. In any case, they can withstand depths of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. In addition, both models support next-generation 5G networks.

Talking about the screen, Samsung added to both models a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD+ resolution. Screen usage is excellent in both cases and we support a 120 Hz refresh rate to help keep the system smoother and faster.

Another point where the two are similar is in the internal storage. In both cases, Samsung has included a native capacity of 128GB. Both are identical in the camera department too, including a 64MP main lens with OIS, 32MP selfie, 12MP ultrawide, and a pair of 5MP macro and depth lenses. In addition, the two devices bring stereo audio (two sound outputs).

Both the Galaxy A52s and the Galaxy A53 feature 120Hz Super AMOLED displays and 64MP cameras.


Despite being very similar in many ways, the devices also have significant differences. Starting with the hardware, the Galaxy A53 brings an Exynos 1280 chip against the Snapdragon 778G of the A52S. In practice, Qualcomm’s processor delivers greater energy efficiency and higher graphics performance in games. However, the A53 tries to compensate for this by delivering more RAM (8GB vs 6GB), which is a big help for users who need to keep more apps open at the same time.

Another point where they change is in relation to battery capacity. In this case, the new Galaxy A53 brings 5,000 mAh against 4,500 mAh of its “competitor”. However, the better energy efficiency of the A52S’s Snapdragon 778G chip makes them both deliver a very approximate usage time. In addition, only the A52S offers a P2 input for headphones, which can be helpful in cases where the user is still using wired headphones.

The Galaxy A53 has a lower chipset than the Galaxy A52s, but it brings more RAM for more efficient multitasking.

Which one to buy?

As seen above, the two smartphones are similar in many ways. However, while the Galaxy A53 is new and brings some advantages, last year’s Galaxy A52S is a much better value for money. As it has been on the market longer, it costs up to R$600 compared to the most current model.

So, if you’re already in doubt between buying a Galaxy A53 or A52s, at least for now the A52s will be a better choice!

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