Why technology companies are suffering historic losses on the American Stock Exchange

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The Nasdaq index, which reflects swings in tech stocks, dropped nearly 23% between January and May 2022.

After achieving spectacular profits during the pandemic, the stock market has been recording a bad year in 2022.

Investors have been suffering losses, even those who bet on securities considered safe, such as those of technology companies, which had been showing good results for years – until now.

In downtown New York, in the United States, surrounded by the lights and electronic billboards of Times Square, is Nasdaq, the stock exchange specializing in technology companies. As of June 15, the Nasdaq index (which reflects the fluctuations in the set of shares traded on that exchange) has fallen by almost 32%.

“It’s one of the biggest drops ever suffered by Nasdaq in its entire history,” says Eduardo Carbajal, professor of economics and finance at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico. And this scenario did not improve in the month of June.

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