With a goal at the end, Athletico beats Coritiba and takes the best in the classic

The side scored the game-defining goal in the last play of the match.  Photo: Geraldo Bubniak/AGB.
The side scored the game-defining goal in the last play of the match. Photo: Geraldo Bubniak/AGB.

O Athlete 389 it was with emotion until the last minute of the game. In a busy match, the athletic won the coritiba 1-0, this Sunday night (19), at Couto Pereira. Khelvenfrom a penalty, guaranteed the triumph of the Hurricane in extra time.

O alviverde dominated most of the game, created the best chances, but saw the Hurricane, with few submissions, take the three points after a wrong exit by goalkeeper Rafael William near the 50th minute of the second half.

The result leaves the Thigh in the fourteenth place, with 15 points conquered. already the red-black remains in the G4, with 21 points. O alviverde wins the week to work and think about Internacional, next Friday, for the Brasileirão. already the athletican team face Bahia, on Wednesday, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Coritiba is superior in the first half, but lacks in submissions; Athletico suffers in defense and creates little in front

The design of the game started as expected. Principal, the coritiba sought to have possession of the ball and take the actions of the match. already the athletic bet on strong marking and fast attacks. in the first minute, Pablo had the opportunity to finish on the left, but he didn’t take the ball well and sent it away from the goal.

Alviverde’s answer was at 4′. In a corner kick, Igor Passion went up free in the area and headed hard. The ball went over Bento’s goal. The rhythm continued like this. One Thigh common greater offensive volume. At ‘5’, after remaining in the area, Adrian Martínez received free within the area. He fumbled in the domain, and when he finished, Benedict came out of the goal to defend with his feet. On the rebound, Manga sent it out.

The pressure of Morínigo’s men remained. At 19′, Passion advanced on the right and left two markers behind. With space, he tried the low pass to Mango. Inside the area, the attacker positioned himself and released his foot. The ball deflected in the marking and went very close to the crossbar.

Without producing so much offensively, the athletic arrived with danger only at 22′. In Pablo’s move from the right, he made the backward touch to Cuello. The striker, at first, finished from inside the area, but stopped in the good defense of the goalkeeper Rafael William. The bid was reviewed in VAR by a handball from Castán, but the Referee Luiz Flavio de Oliveira understood that there was no penalty.

Overall, a Thigh superior in the first 45 minutes, with good chances to take the lead. However, he sinned at the time of submission and wasted good opportunities. already the red-black suffered in defense and appeared little in attack, with problems putting his game into practice at Couto Pereira.

Alviverde is better, but sees Hurricane win after penalty in the last move

The design of the confrontation has not changed. O coritiba followed in high intensity in the first minutes of the second half. The Alviverde posture — and the low athletic productivity — made Felipe make two changes. You forwards Vitor Roque and Matheus Babi entered the vacancies Pablo and Terans.

With greater ownership, the alviverde stayed more in the attacking field, but without creating chances as clear as it was in the first half. At 28′, Mango started a great move on the right and made the cross in the area. Passion appeared on the second pole, sent a bomb, but it went over the goal.

Without bothering the defense of Coxa, the athletic finished for the first time at 34′. In Cuello’s throw, Vitor Roque headed hard in the second of the goal. Well positioned, Rafael William made a strong defense. The owners of the house responded at 35′. at the intersection of Passion, Martínez went up in the middle of the defense and headed hard. Bento went to get it in the drawer to avoid the goal.

In the final stretch, porphyry took the second yellow card and left Coritiba one less. at the last minute, Rafael William came out badly from the goal and hit the player Vitor Roque. After analyzing the VAR, the referee awarded the penalty. Khelven went to the ball and secured the victory Rubro-Negra in the classic.


  • Place: Couto Pereira Stadium, in Curitiba (PR)
  • Time: 16:00 (Brasilia time)
  • Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (SP/FIFA)
  • Assistant 1: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (SP/FIFA)
  • Assistant 2: Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)
  • Video referee: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (SP/FIFA)

coritiba – Raphael William; Matheus Alexandre, Henrique, Luciano Castán and Porfírio; Willian Farias, Matías Galarza and Thonny Anderson (Léo Gamalho); Igor Paixão, Alef Manga (Warley) and Adrián Martínez (Biro).
Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.

athletic – Benedict; Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Nico Hernández and Pedrinho; Pablo Siles, Erick and David Terans (Matheus Babi); Cuello, Marcelo Cirino (Cittadini) and Pablo (Roque).
Technician: Luiz Felipe Scolari

  • goals: Khellven, in the second half, for Athletico.
  • Yellow cards: Porfirio, Adrian Martínez. Pablo, Pablo Siles, Cittadini and Pedro Henrique (CAP).
  • Red card: Profirio (Coritiba).

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