Young man denounces that he lost R$ 25,000 in a scam with a boyfriend he met through an app: ‘I want everyone to know who he is’ | Goiás

The beautician of Lidiane Pereira, 26 years old, denounces that she was the victim of a scam applied by her own boyfriend and lost R$ 25 thousand, in Goiânia. She said that she met Eduardo Thomas Nunes Setnacla on a relationship app, was with him for two months, until the boy convinced her to invest the money in buying iPhones and disappeared. The young woman also said that, when charging him, he threatened to kill her.

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“I had a car that was costing me money, I sold it to invest in cell phones. The cell phones arrived at his house, […] he sold it, moved apartment and I couldn’t get in touch with him anymore. He disappeared, blocked me from everything, says he lost his money. […] I want everyone to know who he is.”

“It was a financial and emotional blow. It came from the person I least expected,” he said.

The g1 could not find out who represents Eduardo to ask for a position on the case. The report sent a message, at 11:05 am this Monday (20), to a cell phone that would be his, but there was no response until the publication of this report. The call made around the same time did not go through.

The case was investigated by the Civil Police, who indicted him for the crimes of threat and embezzlement in February 2022.

The Public Ministry of the State of Goiás (MP-GO) also denounced him for the same crimes and the complaint was accepted by the Justice in April. On the same date, a subpoena was sent to Eduardo, but there is no confirmation that he has been found to be notified about the process.

Lidiane and Eduardo Thomas, who she denounces that coup against her — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

Lidiane said she was extremely shaken by everything that happened, so it took months to get the case exposed. It all happened in August and September 2021, but she was only able to give a statement to the Civil Police in November and has now decided to expose the case on social media.

She made a video denouncing what had happened and said that she received messages from several people saying that they were also his victims, but that they did not want to report or expose themselves.

The beautician remembers that she gave him the money to make the investment in August 2021, after two months together. Lidiane said that she created intimacy with him, they slept together, went out with friends, she developed feelings for him and created a bond of trust. Because of this, she was very upset when she realized that she was the victim of a scam.

In November of the same year, she was diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorder, as well as stress.

“I started to seek medical help, I take sleeping pills and every time I bring this up I always cry. As I know he is unpunished, I keep talking about it, I am exposing myself, showing everyone what happened, but this is a wound that I will carry forever”, he added.

Lidiane shares death threat she received from Eduardo Thomas by message — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

The beautician said that, since they met, Eduardo always said that investing in the purchase and sale of cell phones was a good deal. With the money, he bought 16 cell phones through a website abroad.

“After I spent the money, he moved with me: he didn’t go to my house anymore, he kept talking about going to his house. He bought the products, he didn’t give me the tracking code, but I was able to see it on the website using his data that he received the goods. One of the friends who lived with him in the republic confirmed to me that the cell phones arrived there”, he said.

Eduardo Thomas denounced for suspected coup — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Also according to her, the boy made the sales on the same day, but did not spend the money. She said she billed him several times, but the man just tricked her, said she would pay and never passed the money. Until one day he threatened to kill her through messages.

Lidiane said he blocked her from social media and changed his address. After everything she’s been through, she believes that the boy approached her with the sole intention of taking advantage and that she didn’t imagine going through this.

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