Zé Roberto celebrates evolution in blocking and change of attitude in victory: “Incomparable” | volleyball

In less than 12 hours, everything changed. The blockade, which had not worked the previous afternoon, became firm again. This Sunday, Brazil managed to react in the face of its own mistakes. After the defeat against Italy, the selection managed to recover and impose its game against Serbia. For coach Zé Roberto, an important learning experience for the rest of the Nations League.

Best moments of Serbia 0 x 3 Brazil by the Women's Volleyball Nations League

Best moments of Serbia 0 x 3 Brazil by the Women’s Volleyball Nations League

Against Italy, it was just five points blocking in four sets. This Sunday, the situation changed. In total, there were 19 points in the foundation in three partials. Quite a change, too, in posture.

Brazil’s blockade worked well against Serbia — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

– It was unparalleled. One thing we’re trying to improve on a day-to-day basis is the blocking-defense relationship. What we missed against Italy, we scored five points, we were very vulnerable. But today our serve was better and, especially, our passing. Against Italy, we broke a lot. Today, the team already had another face, another astral.

Zé also saw the evolution in the serve. The service, unlike the match against the Italians, fit well and broke the Serbian pass. The coach once again highlighted the importance of the defensive system in the evolution of the Brazilian game.

– We talked a lot about this yesterday (Saturday), at the hotel, after studying Serbia. Exactly the importance of the defensive system. That’s the strength of Brazilian volleyball. Of course, we like the attack, the serve. But we need to understand that the great strength of Brazilian volleyball has always been in the defensive system.

Zé Roberto celebrates Brazil’s point in Brasília — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

Carol left the court as the highest scorer in the block: there were five in total. Best blocker in the League, with forty points in the base, the central celebrated the Brazilian evolution against Serbia.

– If we can serve well and break the serve, we centrals have a better reading to position well. Which also provides defense and counterattack. We left very satisfied with our four games. Of course, he had the defeat, but it serves as a learning experience.

It was the last match of the selection in the second stage of the League of Nations. With three victories and one defeat in Brasília, the team remains firmly in the fight for classification to the final phase of the competition. In total, there are six triumphs and two defeats so far.

Next week, the team trains in Barueri, before heading to Bulgaria in the last stage of the classification. In Sofia, Brazil will face China, South Korea, Bulgaria and Thailand, between June 29 and July 3. See the League of Nations table.

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