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She grew up, changed her name and now faces a challenge in “Beyond Illusion”. At the age of 19, Zu Vedovato stopped being called Bianca because of numerology and is the Lucinha in the plot of 6. The character, despite being very young, dresses up as a boy, Lúcio, to fulfill his dream of playing football in the 40s, when women were forbidden to practice the sport. Excited about the “double role”, the actress tells us who Lucinha is. See the video above!

“She is a sweet, caring, warrior girl who is far ahead of her time. Her biggest dream is to play football, but at that time women were forbidden to play football, it was a crime. And Lucinha comes to break this taboo. She disguises herself as a boy, Lúcio, the star of the factory team, in order to fulfill her dream of playing soccer. She comes to show that woman can be wherever she wants. She is a very young girl, but with a struggle, a very big strength”, she says.

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Zu Vedovato in characterization to play Lucinha as Lúcio in ‘Além da Illusion’ — Photo: Personal archive

To play Lúcio and Lucinha, Zu went through a characterization process and even shaved the side of his hair. She also took classes in vocal techniques so that the boy’s voice would sound natural. But what about football? Lúcio will be the star of the factory team of “Beyond Illusion”. But what about Zu? Does she know how to play ball?

“I don’t have that skill, I’m not good at football. In the first scenes we had a double, but in the final scenes, I was the one who scored Lucinha’s last goals. You need to watch it” Even I was shocked by myself”, says she, who is a Corinthians fan, laughing.

Lucinha disguises herself as Lúcio to play football in ‘Além da Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

And “Beyond Illusion” provided Zu with a reunion with Rafael Vitti, with whom he created bonds of friendship since the two were Tomtom and Pedro, brothers in Malhação, in 2014. Their affinity is such that even after so many years, Rafael continues calling Zu a little sister.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Rafa, and it was very special. I missed him, I have Rafa as an older brother, and I take him for life.”

Rafael Vitti was Pedro, Tomtom’s brother in ‘Malhação’ — Photo: Helcio Neto/Gshow

In the 6 o’clock soap opera, Lucinha, like Lúcio, will still score many goals for the factory team. But will she be able to keep her cover? Or will she be discovered? Don’t miss out!

Lúcio (Lucinha) celebrates a goal with the factory team in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

See Lucinha in action as Lucio:

Lucinha disguises herself as Lucio to get a spot on the factory team

Lucinha disguises herself as Lucio to get a spot on the factory team

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