11-year-old becomes a millionaire selling lemonade with her great-grandmother’s homemade recipe

The lemonades that American Mikaila Ulmer decided to sell when she was 11, using a recipe from her great-grandmother, won the market and today, at 17, the young woman sees her recipe being sold in thousands of stores in the United States. The business was a success, but it cost the girl dearly: at school he had problems learning Mathematics and History. On the other hand, it was worth it, she now she’s a millionaire. The information is from the newspaper “Clarín”, from Argentina.

The story of the executive director of the company “Me & The Bees Lemonade” was one of struggle and vision of the future. Many people dream of becoming millionaires, but she managed to consolidate what started in 2016 and, today, remains at the top of the top. That year, the little Texan created her own brand of lemonade and got a $11 million contract with the Whole Foods chain.

Mikaila says that she had the idea for her company when she was only 4 years and received a cookbook from her great-grandmother. There, among sepia-colored sheets and barely readable ink, she found a recipe for lemonade and flaxseed from the 1940s. She started chasing her dream.

From the start, she decided to fill her first bottles respecting the original recipe. To sell the lemonades, Mikaila set up a stall on the street where every summer people from the Houston neighborhood bought the drink to cool off. Thus, she began to accumulate her fortune.

With her success, she added her personal touch to the preparation: she used linseed honeybecause of the memory she had as a child when she was stung by a bee.

Word of mouth about lemonade among the neighbors reached the local pizzeria ownerswho immediately placed an order, and that was how the bottling of the product began.

At 17, Mikaila sees her products on supermarket shelves in the United States
At 17, Mikaila sees her products on supermarket shelves in the United States Photo: Reproduction

— I did everything myself at first — remembers the businesswoman, who adds: — As the business started to grow, I had to admit that couldn’t do this alone. That’s when I asked my parents how to get a logo, a manufacturer and how to distribute it to more stores.

The fact that both parents had degrees in Business helped: D’Andra, the mother, specializes in marketing and sales, and her father, Theo, works in operations.

At the age of 15, Mikaila Ulmer’s name was known in the United States. But the boom came after her appearance on the television show “Shark Tank”where a businessman donated $60,000 to bolster his business.

This appearance led to her being received by the then President of the United States. Barack Obama. Mikaila’s business was already a national brand: today, flaxseed lemonade is sold in about 2,000 stores in more than 40 US states.

After participating in the 'Shark tank' program and receiving credit for boosting her business, Mikaila was welcomed by former President Barack Obama.
After participating in the ‘Shark tank’ program and receiving credit for boosting her business, Mikaila was welcomed by former President Barack Obama.

“I don’t think there is a limit or any specific guidelines on who can become an entrepreneur who can start a business,” Mikaila said.

She currently has her own foundation for the care of bees and allocate a portion of the revenue from the company to organizations dedicated to the care and support of the life of bees.

In August 2020, Mikaila’s first book was released, “Bee Fearless, Dream Like a Kid”, published by Penguin Random House. In it, she chronicles her adventures as a social entrepreneur and leads a brand that aims to deliver premium, all-natural lemonade in a way that helps save the bees.

Now in 2022, Mikaila is firmly at the forefront of her company and has even started to diversify: her line of flavors already includes peach, iced tea, mint and ginger. She also created a new line of lipsticks made from her beeswax.

Her ambition does not stop, but it is always based on the same concept that has marked her since she set up her first street stand to sell her lemonade: “Dream big and don’t forget to dream like a child”.

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