2-year-old girl ends up in hospital after sticking eye with glue, in DF | Federal District

A 2-year-old girl ended up in the hospital after sticking her eye with glue, in Ceilândia, in the Federal District. The child’s godmother, Lia Lucena, 54, said that the girl took the tube of glue from the table. Then she tried to clean herself and ended up smearing the product on her face, sticking her eye.

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“He glued his right eye right away. The fingers of his hands were also all stuck together. It was something very fast”, says Lia.

The case took place last Thursday (16), while the child was playing at home.

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After the domestic accident, the woman says she took the child to public hospitals. However, until this Monday (20), she had not been able to get care to solve the girl’s problem (see further below).

Lia said that as soon as she saw the girl’s situation, on Thursday afternoon, she contacted the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu).

“It was a great desperation. They informed us that this type of occurrence was only treated at the Base Hospital”.

Then the child was taken to the health unit. However, the doctor informed that she “had nothing to do”.

“The orientation was that we put soda in her eyes and hands and make a compress with warm water. We passed the product on our hands and the fingers came off, but we weren’t going to apply it to her eyes. We weren’t going to risk causing a bigger problem”, said Leah.

On Friday (17), they sought the Regional Hospital of Asa Norte (Hran).

“The doctor said that they were on duty and that he couldn’t do any surgery, if necessary. He handed over a referral to the Base Hospital, again, but the doctor who treated us refused to perform any type of surgery. said it would be too invasive and applied an ointment to remove the glue,” said Lia.

In a note, the Institute of Health Strategy Management of the Federal District (Iges-DF), in charge of the management of Hospital de Base, confirmed that the child was seen and that warm compresses and application of ointment were prescribed for the girl. According to the entity, it is still under evaluation at the unit.

O g1 contacted the Health Department and asked about the service provided by Samu and Hran, but received no response until the last update of this report.

Girl gets eye glued with super bonder glue, in DF — Photo: Personal archive

The godmother said that on Saturday (18), the girl woke up with a swollen and red eye.

“We went to a private hospital for fear of an infection. The pediatrician gave him an antibiotic and also said he couldn’t do anything.”

On the morning of this Monday (20), the family sought care again at the Base Hospital. “One girl suggested tying the child up to cut the eyelashes. She said that there was no room for surgery, because she needs to be sedated,” she said.

“How are we going to allow the child to be tied up? What if he pierces his eye? As far as we’ve seen, the glue is hard on the eyelashes, it seems to be a simple procedure, but we’re afraid and waiting for the next instructions. We’re at the mercy. unpreparedness of these people”, says Lia.

What to do in cases of eye contact with products?

Ophthalmologist Nubia Vanessa explained that domestic accidents, like this one, are the cause of several occurrences that appear in emergency rooms, especially with children.

“Firstly, parents and guardians should keep medicine, alcohol, cleaning product, glue in general, away from children’s reach, as this can cause several problems”, warns the doctor.

The specialist recommends that the patient seek an ophthalmology emergency room as soon as possible so that the doctor can assess the type of injury. The specialist points out that the treatment and monitoring should be done according to what the doctor detects.

“Probably, you will have to use medication for a certain period of time, sometimes a bandage to soften and heal the injury. This is all the doctor will pass on. Don’t try to apply eye drops, ointment, without the ophthalmologist seeing and prescribing” , guides the doctor.

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