After “freaking out” in live, Luva de Pedreiro returns to post on social network

It is not yet known for sure what happened to Iran Barbosa, the “Gluva de Pedreiro”, to have freaked out on social networks and say that he would “take a break” in the production of content that he does daily. However, late this Monday afternoon (20/6), the 20-year-old returned to post on social media.

In a profile on Twitter and Instagram, Luva de Pedreiro once again posted a video in which he appears on the football field making plays while sending a message to followers with the traditional “receive”, “best in the world” and “thank God, father”.


During a live held last Sunday (19/6), Iran Barbosa had a moment of outburst and said that he would take a break from social media: “Thank God, father. I’m for my followers. What my followers say to me there… Are you connected? I don’t drink, partner. I’m sane. Are you on? But I want to vent on this p… I’m sick of it already”.

Fans of Glova de Pedreiro expressed concern on social media about what would have happened to the influencer 20-year-old who fell in love with the crowd with his irreverent videos in which he not only shows skills with the ball, but sends messages to those who watch him.

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