“Against me…”; Gabigol ‘snakes’ Everton Cebolinha and sends the real thing to the striker after arriving at Flamengo


Dialogue took place during the player’s presentation to the squad at the Ninho do Urubu training center, which took place before the official announcement.

© Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo“Against me…”; Gabigol ‘snakes’ Everton Cebolinha and gets real

Everton Chives was officially presented as Flamengo’s new reinforcement this Monday (20), and the striker visited the Vulture’s Nest and has already had his first contact with his new castmates. accompanied by Marcos Brazthe new number 19 of the Rubro-Negra team spoke quickly with gabigolwho was already his opponent during the passage through Guild.

In view of this, the former player of the benficawhich was purchased by Clube Carioca by 13.5 million eurosreceived acharge‘ on the part of the new castmate in front of his great performance presented in the national football. In a contractual clause, it was agreed that depending on the performance presented by the player, who has a contract until 2026, his value will be readjusted.

The price will go up to 16 million euros, around R$ 86 million at the current price. During the meeting at the Ninho do Urubu training center, Gabigol demanded Everton Chives. “A lion was against me, I want to see it now”. During an interview withFlatTV‘, the new reinforcement highlighted the happiness of arriving at the new club and in repeating the good performance presented while he was at the Guild.

Scallion arrives with starter status, even more so after the injury and the recovery time that Bruno Henrique will have off the lawns. “I am very happy for the reception I was able to have. I hope to repay that affection on the field. I will do as much as possible to help in the best way and win titles. I hope you can be very happy here. I chose shirt 19 because I have good memories at Maracanã inside Maracanã, I hope to repeat that feat”.

“I am happy for their quality, they are extremely high quality players that I have met. I had the pleasure of playing with them in the national team and now representing the colors of Flamengo. I believe that strength and tactics were the aspects that I evolved and I hope to help here. The side I like to play the most is the left side to bring in and hit the goal”, finished.

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