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Apple has revealed details of the curious charger with two ports that will cost R$ 559 in Brazil. The product has 35W of power and serves to recharge the iPhone along with other company devices, such as iPad, MacBook Air, Apple Watch and even AirPods. According to an official document on the brand’s website, the USB-C power adapter will split the 35W between the two connected devices, except when one of them is a watch or headphone, as the latter require less power.

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Apple’s new 35W USB-C power adapter has two inputs — Photo: Handout/Apple

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This way, if the user connects a combination of devices that includes an iPhone, iPad or MacBook to the two ports, each one will have 17.5W.

On the other hand, if the consumer connects one of these three devices to one of the ports and an AirPods or Apple Watch to the second, the largest product will have 27.5W, while the second device will only have 7.5W.

Anyone who needs a faster recharge can use only one of the entries. The plug adapter itself must redirect all power to the Apple device that plugs into it.

The accessory was announced during the WWDC 2022 conference, which took place on June 6. It has two USB-C inputs and a two-pin jack connector. However, the product does not offer a USB cable, which is sold separately for a minimum price of BRL 216, but which can reach BRL 590 if it has a MagSafe connection at one end.

Despite the price being public, Apple has not yet started selling the charger in Brazil.

with information from apple and MacRumors

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