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ATTENTION: INSS salary in 2023 is released by the federal government. Values ​​may surprise, as the rise is not significant

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Every year, the value of the Brazilian minimum wage is readjusted. This is already a known fact. In 2020, this amount was BRL 1,045.00; in 2021, of BRL 1,100; and in 2022, of R$ 1,212. However, what not everyone knows is that, along with this increase, the salary of INSS beneficiaries also increases.

This is because the law determines that the INSS cannot, in any case, pay an amount below the minimum wage. Then, every year, these payments are readjusted. And in 2023, that figure may surprise a lot of people.

INSS salary in 2023: what will be the amount paid?

Thus, according to the Economic Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, the forecast is that the minimum wage in 2023 will be BRL 1,310.17. Compared to the current minimum wage, the increase is only R$98.17. So he can surprise a lot of people, but not in a positive way. As in other years, the adjustment takes effect from January 2023.

Finally, the value of the adjustment is estimated by the government based on the national price index, the INPC. It is he who carries out the readjustment of the minimum wage every year, always considering the current inflation. As a result, INSS payments should increase next year. But not as much as some might hope.

Therefore, if you receive the benefit equivalent to a minimum wage in 2022, with the readjustment next year your benefit will go to R$ 1,310. If you receive R$ 1,500 today, with the readjustment, the value goes to R$ 1,621. And so on. Remembering that this is just an estimate. Until the end of the year, the values ​​may change.

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