Bolsonaro compares leftist elected in Colombia to Lula

Bolsonaro adopts with Petro a tactic used with elected presidents of Argentina and Chile

Bolsonaro adopts with Petro a tactic used with elected presidents of Argentina and Chile

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Even without congratulating the president-elect of Colombia, the leftist Gustavo Petro, President Jair Bolsonaro criticized this Monday (20/06) the speech of the future Colombian leader and took the opportunity to compare him to former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. .

In his victory speech, Petro advocated for the release of youths who were detained during a wave of protests last year. The demonstrations erupted after a tax reform proposal and began to demand better living conditions for the population and a fairer income distribution. More than 60 people died in the protests, 59 of whom were civilians. The violence of the security forces against the protesters was the target of international criticism.

“How many people died, how many people are in prison today, how many young people in handcuffs, treated like bandits just because they had hope, just because they had love. I ask the nation’s attorney general to free our youth,” Petro said after his victory.

In a conversation with supporters, Bolsonaro generalized Petro’s speech and claimed that Lula would do the same if he were elected, referring to a statement by the former president that has been propagated by Bolsonaristas.

“Did you see today’s speech by the new president of Colombia? ‘Release all the boys in prison, everyone’. Lula is going to release the little boys who killed someone for a cell phone to have a beer,” Bolsonaro said.

Lula’s statements

Bolsonaro made reference to two speeches by Lula. In one of them, which was edited and circulated on Bolsonarist networks, the former president allegedly defended “having a beer” with cell phone thieves – which is not true.

In the other one, from 2018, Lula stated: “I cannot see the increase in the number of people sleeping on the street. I cannot see the increase in the number of young women selling their bodies in exchange for a plate of food. 14 and 15 years old robbing and being raped, being murdered by the police, sometimes innocent or because he stole a cell phone.”

without congratulating

Bolsonaro is one of the few world leaders who has yet to congratulate Petro on his victory. When asked by supporters about the election in Colombia, the president was confused and said that Petro was a “former guerrilla of the MIR” – a group from Chile. Petro, however, was part of the M-19, a Colombian urban guerrilla organization.

By avoiding congratulating the president-elect and only criticizing, Bolsonaro follows the tactic he adopted after the election of left-wing candidates in Argentina, Alberto Fernández, and in Chile, Gabriel Boric.

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