Bolsonaro supporter, Z Trovo calls for truckers’ strike

Z Trovo demands that Petrobras reduce the value of diesel by 25% and by 15% the cost of gasoline and ethanol (photo: Social Networks/Reproduction)

Supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and leader of truck drivers, Z Trovo published a video on social media, this Monday (20/6), in which he calls for a national strike for truck drivers to take place on the 27th.

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In the images, Trovo demands that Petrobras reduce the value of diesel by 25% and the cost of gasoline and ethanol by 15%.

For the leader of the truck drivers, the responsibility for the rise in prices is solely and exclusively the responsibility of Petrobras management and not of President Jair Bolsonaro.

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For the bolsonarista, the company acts to “give a blow” to the president. “Bolsonaro is doing everything he can to make Brazilian transport viable,” he says.


Z Trovo investigated by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) for participating in the anti-democratic acts of September 7, 2020, when Bolsonaro provoked demonstrations against the Three Powers threatening a coup.
The leader of the truck drivers had preventive detention decreed by Minister Alexandre de Moraes and remained a fugitive in Mexico. Today, he wears an electronic anklet and is prohibited from using social networks or keeping in touch with others investigated in the same investigation.


The Secretary of Debureaucratization of the Ministry of Economy, Caio Mario Paes de Andrade, the most quoted to assume the presidency of Petrobras after the resignation of José Mário Coelho, this Monday (20).

Paes de Andrade was nominated by Bolsonaro after discussions that have been going on for weeks with the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes.

The name of Paes de Andrade has already been announced informally, but it depends on approval by the Petrobras Board of Directors, also in the sights of Jair Bolsonaro, due to resistance to modifying the company’s fuel price parity policy, the so-called PPI.

The price per liter of fuel is pointed out as the main barrier to Bolsonaro’s re-election.

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