Bruna Biancardi reveals how Neymar asked for a date – Entertainment

After exchanging statements on social media in celebration of Valentine’s DayBruna Biancardi revealed last Sunday (20) that Neymar asked her on a date two months ago and told how the player planned the request.

Bruna was accompanied by her friend Bianca Coimbra when she answered questions about the subject on Instagram. Bianca was a friend of Neymar before meeting Biancardi and it was she who helped with the preparations for the request, such as choosing the ring.

The two said they met because of the player. However, Bianca took the opportunity to comment on the matter: “I think it’s easy for people to say that I’m friends with Neymar’s girlfriends, but when I met Bruna I had no prospect of her dating. [com] him, and I was nice to her, as I am to everyone I meet.”

Neymar and Bruna’s romance began in August last year, when the player was spotted on a yacht tour in Formentera, Spain. His name became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter after internet users and fans who cheer for the return of the couple “Brumar” confused the young woman with Bruna Marquezine. But soon after, Bruna Biancardi’s identity was revealed.

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