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Bruna Biancardi and Bianca CoimbraInstagram Playback

Published 06/20/2022 10:30 am

Rio – Bruna Biancardi revealed some details about the dating request made by Neymar, when talking about his friendship with Bianca Coimbra, through Instagram Stories, in the early hours of this Monday. The digital influencer and businesswoman said that Bianca helped the ace to choose the rings and prepare everything for the special moment.

“We weren’t together physically, but when I was asked on a date, Bianca already knew everything, she had helped him choose the ring, helped with everything. She wasn’t there because she was pregnant and couldn’t travel, but she participated. I called her by facetime”, said Bruna.

Soon after, Bianca told how she met Bruna. “It was Ney who introduced me to her, I met her because of Ney, but when I met her, she was not his girlfriend, and she only became his girlfriend a while later”, she began. “Two months ago,” Bruna replied.

“But I think it’s easy for people to say that I’m friends with Neymar’s girlfriends, but when I met Bruna there was no prospect of her dating him, and I was friendly with her, as I am with everyone who is introduced to me. And We created an affinity and became friends. I didn’t need her to become Neymar’s girlfriend for her to become my friend and for me to like her, something that unfortunately happens, right, when a person changes labels, people change their way of treating. happens to me”, highlighted Bianca.

Neymar and Bruna have been together since August last year. The dating request, however, only happened in April of this year. The two have already published some clicks in an atmosphere of romance on social networks.

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