Bruno Pereira denounced crimes of miners in Javari in May

Indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira, who was killed along with journalist Dom Phillips during an expedition earlier this month, denounced crimes by prospectors in the Vale do Javari Indigenous Land in May. Funai’s licensed server recorded audio reporting the presence of illegal miners in the region.

The audio released by GloboNews today brings Bruno Pereira saying that illegal workers were on the side of the “old village”, reporting that he could hear the dredgers, vessels for mining that revolve the bottom of a river to filter the gold. In addition, the indigenist stated that “the Coruru River is full of mining rafts”.

“I got information from Funai that the mining is on the Jarinau side, of the old village. From the old village you can hear the dredges. The old village is two turns below the new village, where they are, where those miners had gone there. , right. So, it’s pressure”, he said.

Adding: “In other words, the miners are there and the information we have from other [indígenas] kanamari is that the Coruru River is full of mining rafts”.

Bruno and Dom Phillips were killed in Javari

Last night, the authorities found the vessel used by Bruno and Dom – sunk 20 meters deep. The indigenist and the journalist had their deaths confirmed last weekend, when the Federal Police confirmed that the mortal remains found were really those of the victims.

Currently, the PF is working with eight possible suspects for the death of the men – who were killed with hunting weapons. Among these are three fishermen already arrested, however, the possibility of masterminds was possibly ruled out by the police.

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