Business Adapts to Country Instability

UOL – What has changed in the consumption habits of Brazilians before the pandemic and now?

Alexandre Escorel – The pandemic ended up accelerating this category of small appliances. The consumer, staying at home longer, developed skills in the kitchen, took care of cleaning the house, taking care of clothes, and this is totally linked to our business.

There is also a cultural issue. Brazilians like to receive people, to be close to friends and family, and food is seen as a connection.

Are home appliance sales growing?

The small appliances category is driven by innovations. An example is espresso machines. With the confinement, people couldn’t go to coffee shops. We have a solution that delivers a filtered coffee or an espresso at the push of a button.

This ease of having a product that brings the result that the consumer expects is where categories are developing.

The current moment, with high inflation and interest rates, does have an impact, because it reduces the purchasing power of consumers, especially for durable goods. But we try to work with our development center to bring efficiencies.

Which appliance cannot be missing in the Brazilian home?

The mixer, the blender, launched by Walita in 1944, and now the coffee part.

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