Cemig will readjust energy tariffs as of this Wednesday; see values

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) authorized Cemig to readjust its energy tariffs. According to the agency, the increase for residential consumers will be 5.22%. In the adjustment for high voltage customers, such as industry and large commerce, the percentage approved was 14.31%.

For low voltage systems, such as public lighting and agricultural systems, stores and commercial buildings, the index was 6.23%. The average effect for consumers in general will be 8.80%, informed Aneel.

The agency estimates that 8.8 million miners, who are served by Cemig, will be impacted by the new values. The adjustment takes effect from this Wednesday (June 22). In a note, Cemig stated that the increase in the price of the electricity bill will occur after two years without readjustments.

Also according to the company, only 23.1% of the amount charged in the tariff is passed on to the company. The amount referring to 76.9% is distributed in taxes paid to the state and federal governments, purchase of energy, charges for transmission lines and irrecoverable revenues.

“Taxes collected in the energy tariff, such as public lighting tax, ICMS, PIS and Cofins are fully passed on to city halls, the State Government and the Federal Government”, argues Cemig.


Aneel also approved, this Tuesday, the readjustment of Energisa – an electric energy distribution company that operates in 66 municipalities in the interior of Minas. The index for high voltage customers was 21.51%, against a percentage of 15.19% for low voltage systems.

In residential consumption, electricity bills will have their values ​​increased by 13.40%. In this case, the average effect felt by consumers will be 16.57%. According to Aneel, the company has 476,000 consumer units in the state and the new values ​​will also come into effect this Wednesday.

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