Cid Guerreiro explains the meaning of Ilariê, Xuxa’s biggest hit

Owner of the biggest musical success of Xuxa, the composer Cid Guerreiro from Bahia denies once and for all the rumor that Ilariê would have reached so high in the charts because of a pact with the devil.

Guerreiro, who wrote the song in 1988, says the story behind Ilariê has nothing to do with a pact or anything to do with the devil. Cid explains that the rumor was invented by an evangelical pastor who wanted to reach Xuxa.

“The rumor arose within the evangelical church. They said he was a former witch who became a pastor and spread that Ilariê had to do with ‘erê’, the children of Candomblé, who the Church considers as little demons”, recalls the composer, who is now evangelical.

“They invented it was a word from an African dialect, and I invented it. This guy said that I made the pact and delivered the song to Xuxa. She was the target”, complete.

According to Cid, the word ilariê is nothing more than one of his inventions from the word “hilária”, a quality he saw in Xuxa:

“Xuxa is a lively, happy, high-spirited person, always upbeat. She’s hilarious. I created the chorus thinking about it….In Bahia’s music, we have this very strong refrain with ‘iê iê’, ‘uô uô ‘. Ilariê comes from that. I needed a strong chorus and, at the time, I had a hit song called Dança do Bambolê, I did it to rhyme”, explain..

Listen to Ilariê in the voice of Xuxa

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