Citizenship and PSDB have already started conversation about Eduardo Costa being Zema’s deputy

The state presidents of Cidadania and PSDB in Minas Gerais, João Vítor Xavier and Paulo Abi-Ackel, respectively, have already started talks to resolve the party federation after the invitation made to journalist Eduardo Costa to be deputy on the ticket of Romeu Zema (New ). Costa is affiliated with Cidadania, which is with the PSDB, which in turn launched Marcus Pestana’s pre-candidacy for government.

In contact with the report, João Vítor Xavier said he talked to the toucan last Saturday (18). “We depend on the fulfillment of Eduardo’s will and the agreement of the federation. I spoke on Saturday with Paulo Abi-Ackel. I have to respect the internal time of their party”, he said.

For the president of Cidadania, the invitation that came from government officials greatly honors the legend. “(Eduardo) is a great figure, very dear and highly respected. He knows Belo Horizonte, our periphery, towns and slums very well. He knows great BH and the surrounding cities like Santa Luzia, Sabará, Nova Lima, Contagem , Betim and Ribeirão das Neves. He is close to everyday problems because he has lived this in his profession for years”, praised Xavier.

“We are going to dialogue with all the people who can collaborate in the process, respecting all positions, the PSDB with which Citizenship is federated, but taking dialogue that can be a good solution beyond the issue of parties, it can be a good solution for Minas Gerais”, pondered João Vítor Xavier.

The president of the acronym said he was “sure that no one will think about party issues before thinking about the state of Minas Gerais”. “The main thing at the moment is to think about the State and how to collaborate with Minas Gerais. And I believe that we can collaborate by helping to confirm the invitation that was made”, he said.

The report tries to contact Paulo Abi-Ackel and other PSDB politicians and awaits a response.

Decision comes from the national directory

In an interview with Café com Política on Rádio Super 91.7 FM, state deputy Guilherme da Cunha (Novo) said that he could not speak for the party, much less for his colleagues, but that Eduardo “is a fantastic person”, despite not whether he has experience with public management. “But he has a deep knowledge of the population of Minas Gerais. He is a good person, friendly, intelligent. We have other names under discussion. This decision is not up to deputies, it is made by the party’s national convention. decision,” he explained.

The parliamentarian made clear the support for the name of the former secretary general Mateus Simões, but stressed that it is a support and not a decision.

own candidate

In an official note released this Monday (20), the PSDB reaffirms the candidacy of Marcus Pestana. Check it out in full below;

“The PSDB of Minas has its own candidate and works to build a solid party coalition in support of Marcus Pestana, including advanced conversations with other parties. Pestana is one of the great national political cadres of the PSDB and has a career in parliament and public management with recognized breadth and experience. It is already in full pre-campaign, including having moved away from its personal interests to tour Minas and participate in events and lectures. In addition, in Minas the party also has public personalities of great expression such as Vice -Governor Paulo Brant, capable of filling with competence and knowledge any position at all levels of dispute that he presents himself. Paulo Brant is participating in the entire process along with the party analyzing its convenience to participate more actively in the electoral process. PSDB de Minas is known for its ability to dialogue, but in this case, given the circumstances of the announcement of the new chap a, without even allowing time for the matter to be dealt with by the party or federation as a whole, reaffirms that the PSDB candidate for the Government is former deputy Marcus Vinícius Pestana with Paulo Brant in one of the other positions on the ticket or one of the federal deputies running for the Senate of the Republic”.

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