Claudia Leitte opens up about Simone and Simaria: “bleeding hearts”

Claudia Leitte gets into a fight between Simone and Simaria

Claudia Leitte, who got kicked out of her own show recently, talked about Simone and Simaria’s fight, through an emotional outburst on social networks. After getting close behind the scenes at the The Voice Kidsshe opened her heart and said what she thinks:

“They are two sisters! Two talents! Two women! Two mothers! Two people! There are two hearts bleeding in front of a crowd. They are not characters!”said Claudia Leitte about Simone and Simaria.

“Between viewers of an imaginary soap opera of the lives of celebrities, which the internet created, and admirers, fans, I’m here to say that I love you and I want my fans to understand how important it is at least to respect each other! It’s not natural to play with anyone’s pain! May God be watching over them both right now, in the name of Jesus!”Claudia Leitte said to Simone and Simaria.

For those who don’t remember, Simone and Simaria are involved in controversies about the end of the duo, in addition to a legal fight with her ex-husband.

Claudia Leitte gets into a fight between Simone and Simaria, after her sister breaks up and reports: "bleeding hearts"
Claudia Leitte gets into a fight between Simone and Simaria, after her sister broke up and reports: “Bleeding hearts” (Reproduction: Instagram)

Interview with Simaria gave rise to talk on social media

It all started when Simaria, after rumors of fights with Simone, spoke in an interview: “Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself? Are you yourself or a character? Do you want me to swallow more? I’m not ashamed to say no here”, said Simaria.

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Claudia Leitte

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Claudia Leitte on stage in São João do Caruaru

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If Simone and I have to change this career to have that peace, the brotherhood, we’ll change it. The day Simone and Simaria want to end their careers, it will be beautiful.”

So, it was after these statements that Claudia Leitte spoke about the respect that should be given to the duo Simone and Simaria. They’ve been close since the backstage of the The Voice Kids and it seems that the friendship remains firm and strong to this day.

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