‘Clearly I owe my ex-wife an apology,’ says Marcius Melhem

Marcius Melhem asks for forgiveness from his ex in a program commanded by Roberto Cabrini (photo: Reproduction/Record TV)

In an exclusive interview with Roberto Cabrini a year and a half ago, Marcius Melhem opened up about the allegations of harassment against him.

The former director of TV Globo’s humor department, on the night of last Sunday (19/06), at the Camera Recordfrom Record TV, denied the allegations, asked for justice and confessed to having betrayed his ex-wife several times, to whom he said he owes an apology.

Recently, columnist Ricardo Feltrin, from the UOL portal, released leaked conversations between Marcius and the women who claim to be victims of the actor. The reporter reflected on the new developments on the case and released a joint note representing the eight women, including Dani Calabresa, their lawyers said that the comedian tries to “disqualify the victims” in the process.

“Marcius Melhem was denounced for sexual and moral harassment before the national women’s ombudsman of the Public Ministry by eight women who were his subordinates. On the initiative of the Public Ministry itself, the denouncements generated a criminal investigation and a public civil action”, says an excerpt from the press release obtained by the journalist.

“The complaints are supported by testimony and solid evidence. The secrecy of the case protects evidence that even involves the privacy of third parties. Attacking victims and trying to disqualify them is, unfortunately, a common strategy for those accused of harassment to silence them and discourage new complaints. A repetition of violence, now as an attack on the reputation of those who made the complaints. Nothing justifies harassment”, concludes the note.

The comedian stated that he never used his position on the channel to obtain sexual advantages. “I find this disgusting. I have never, never done it”, said he, who stressed that he stayed at Globo for 17 years and apologized to those he offended in the almost two decades of service provided to the broadcaster.

“I’ve never had a problem with apologizing. But I must apologize to my ex-wife, a person who has broken up several times. It tells me, it tells me a lot. She was the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. And she breaks several times.” . I confessed to him all the betrayals I did”.

Marcius Melhem

Marcius Melhem also confessed that he had long-term relationships with professionals from the channel, but highlighted that he never gave advantages to those who could have stayed with him. “I’ve had consensual relationships with people who work with me. Sometimes long relationships, a year, two years,” he recalled.

“I’ve never used my power to harass anyone. I want to say to people who believe in me: at the end of this story, after this is justice, no one will regret it. I know I made a lot of mistakes and I take responsibility for them. Anyone hurt, hurt for me, even if I didn’t realize it, I will apologize, I will take responsibility, but I will not accept any lie that is put against me,” he added.

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