contest awards PI bet with R$ 6.2 million

A simple bet Susuapara – PI won a prize of R$ 6,269,313.81 after matching the 20 numbers of Lotomania’s 2328 contest, held today (20). The numbers drawn were 04-19-20-21-24-28-30-38-43-48-50-51-57-61-63-75-78-87-90-91.

This time, no ticket missed the 20 numbers drawn and took what is normally the second biggest prize in Lotomania. On the other hand, three bets had 19 hits. Tickets will receive an award of R$ 91,765.83.

There were even more winners in the following categories:

– 75 bets had 18 hits and took R$ 2,294.15 each;

– 752 bets matched 17 numbers and received BRL 228.80 each;

– 4,409 bets landed 16 numbers and won R$ 39.02 each; and

– 18,808 bets scored 15 hits and pocketed BRL 9.14.

Lotomania: How do I participate in the next draw?

Simply place a 50-number bet at Caixa’s accredited lotteries, or on the bank’s special lottery website. The biggest prizes are for tickets that match 20 and 19 numbers, or miss all the tens drawn. Bets must be placed up to one hour before the draw, which normally takes place at 20:00 (Brasilia time).

How much does the bet cost?

In Lotomania, unlike other Caixa modalities, there is only one possibility of betting, with 50 numbers. The single price is R$ 2.50.

Lotomania: what are the chances of winning?

The chance of taking the top prize, which requires 20 hits, is one in 11,372,635. In the 19-number range, the chance is one in 352,551. Missing nothing is as likely as hitting the 20 tens: one chance in 11,372,635.

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