Corinthians relocates doctor in the base category; department is experiencing a phase of evidence with the crowd

Corinthians’ professional football department has had a silent change in recent days. The report of My Helm found that the doctor Michel Youssef Muniz Domingos, who was part of the day to day of the CT, was relocated to the base categories of the club, where he previously worked.

The medical department, which is supervised by Joaquim Grava, will now have just two professionals for training, games and travel. They are: Dr. Ana Carolina Ramos e Côrte and Dr. Julio Stancati. It is not ruled out the hiring of another professional in the coming days.

The departure of Dr. Michel Youssef takes place in the midst of a phase of evidence of the DM with the Corinthians fans on social networksas a result of the number of games lost by important athletes, such as Fagner (11 games) and João Victor (six games), in addition to the serious injury to Maycon (expected absence of up to three months).

Luan’s situation is another factor that made the Corinthians DM stand out with the fans. Discomfort in the hip was the alleged reason during his long absence – it was mentioned only once in the team’s last 24 games. The midfielder remains unrelated.

Asked about Luan’s absences, coach Vítor Pereira did not hide his dissatisfaction with the player’s posture.

“He has been at least three times to be cast and at the last moment he goes to the medical department. He was supposed to come, but in the last training he complained of pain and went to the medical department. training, little time working with me”, lamented the Portuguese.

At the moment, Corinthians has six players with medical problems. Are they: Paulinho (Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee); john victor (right ankle sprain); Maycon (grade 3 injury to the adductor of the right leg); Junior Moraes (allergic condition); William (muscle discomfort) and Gil (suspected muscle injury in the posterior muscle of the left thigh).

recent changes

Corinthians’ staff has been undergoing changes in recent times. Doctor Ivan Grava, due to internal disagreement, resigned in March 2021. Physiotherapist Luciano Rosa left the club in September last year after agreeing with Shakhtar, from Ukraine. More recently, another physical therapist left: Caio Mello was fired after more than a decade in CT.

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