Deals on electronic devices on AliExpress

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The month of June is ending, but AliExpress offers are still in full swing. Every day, various electronics get great discounts on the site. Check out some of this Monday’s offers (20). [foo_related_posts]

Stabilizer for Baseus smartphones

The Gimbal stabilizer is an excellent choice for users who like to record videos with smartphones and want maximum stability in recordings and motion. The device can be used by both amateurs and professionals with experience in video capture. Light, easy to handle and carry, it has a bluetooth connection, which allows the user to control the cell phone with the buttons on the stabilizer, bringing more convenience and comfort when recording. Click here to learn more

Ungreen 65W charger

The 65W Ungreen charger has two USB-C ports, one USB-A type and is capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously, such as a cell phone, a tablet and a notebook. The charger is capable of raising the battery level of a cell phone from 0% to 60% in just thirty minutes, and recharges up to 75% of the battery of a MacBook Pro in 1 hour. Click here to learn more

Kingston SSD

SSDs have a reading speed that can reach 10x that of a hard disk (HD), the most common storage unit in computers in the Brazilian market. On AliExpress, the Kingston A400 can be found in several different capacities, ranging from 128GB to 480GB, and at more affordable prices than other sales portals. The device can be easily installed on desktops and tablets. Click here to learn more

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