Deborah Evelyn Diagnosed With Serious Illness: Without Me Realizing

Actress talks about the time she dealt with anorexia

Deborah Evelyn became one of the great artists of Rede Globo. However, she went through periods beyond troubled with her health due to the pursuit of the unattainable standard body.

In short, the actress suffered anorexia during adolescence, due to image distortion.

During an interview with Ana Maria, in “Mais Você”, years ago, the famous remembered the time when she was diagnosed with the disease.

“I had anorexia when I was a teenager, about 13 to 17 years old, before going to college”began Deborah Evelyn.


Following, the artist stressed the importance of the public knowing that anorexia is also a serious disease.

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“I was at school, and it was a disease, because it is a disease, a very serious disease, which appeared without my realizing it”said the actress.

According to the celebrity, at the time, she believed she was fat even though she wasn’t.

However, as much as I discovered the disease early on, Deborah Evelyn. she only started to treat herself some time later.


“Actually, it was only when I entered college and started treating myself that I started doing analysis, my horizons opened up, I started to get involved with other people”said the actress, who continued the sad account:

“That’s when I realized what was happening to me, along with my mother, always trying to help me a lot and very worried”, lamented Deborah Evelyn.

In addition, the Globo actress reflected on the present day, which is much worse for the search for the perfect body.

“It was a very difficult phase, but I didn’t have what I think I have today, which is this dictatorship of thinness. This is very dangerous, I think there needs to be a warning”reflected the celebrity.

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