Default reaches more than 60 million Brazilians

Delinquency has grown in the country and hit a new record. In April, 66,132,670 Brazilians had a dirty name

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Delinquency has grown in the country and hit a new record. In April, 66,132,670 Brazilians had a dirty name, which represents the highest number in the Serasa Experian historical series, which began in 2016.

Since the beginning of this year, at least 2 million Brazilians have become delinquent. In total, debts among defaulters amounted to R$ 271.6 billion.

“We know that the country’s economic instability has affected a large part of the population. However, some tools such as the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS and the advance payment of the 13th salary for retirees can and should be used to reorganize personal finances, ease debts and try to get the name out of the red”, said Luiz Rabi, economist at Serasa. , by means of a note.

For Rabi, the growth in delinquency during 2022 was already expected, however there are factors that can help the consumer who finds himself in this situation.

Banks and cards dominate

Debts with banks and cards are the majority among defaulters, corresponding to 28.1% of debts. Basic accounts, such as electricity, water and gas, represent 22.9%.

In comparison with April 2021, the finance segment had the largest increase in the share of default, from 9.6% to 12.4%.

“Finance companies usually offer credit for risk profiles, such as defaulting consumers. Therefore, the more unstable the economic scenario, the more default in this sector tends to grow”, explained Rabi, in a note.

When analyzing the age group of defaulters, most are between 26 and 60 years old, corresponding to 35.2%, followed by people between 41 and 60 years old, with 34.8%.

How to check if my name is dirty?

There is a way for citizens to check for free if their name is dirty through the following credit bureaus:

Boa Vista SCPC

From the Boa Vista SCPC website;

Via the mobile app (available for Android and iOS).


Via the Serasa website;

Via the mobile app (available for Android and iOS);

By phone, call 0800 591 1222.

SPC Brazil

Through the SPC Brazil website;

Via the mobile app – (available for Android and iOS).

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