Do you live sick? 5 attitudes that could be destroying your immunity

The whole organism is influenced when there is not frequent quality sleep. The body’s defenses fall making us more susceptible to various diseases. Lifestyle factors, addictions and abuse of some drugs and substances are also related to a weakened immune system.

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If you live with the flu or have health problems, consider whether you’re not practicing some of the habits listed below.

Habits that weaken your immunity

Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption, even in small amounts, causes damage to various organs. When in excess, of course, these damages increase as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are no “safe limits” for drinking alcohol.

Its constant consumption increases the risks of cirrhosis, cancer, in addition to decreasing immunity through the damage of innate and adaptive immune cells. Which makes the body more subject to infectious and inflammatory diseases.

It is worth mentioning that excessive consumption of the drink harms the gastrointestinal system, and the protective T cells and neutrophils, elements that protect intestinal function.

make use of tobacco

Tobacco harms the body in several ways, weakening its defenses to fight various diseases. Cigarette addiction unbalances the immune system, increasing the chances of developing autoimmune diseases among other damages, including lung cancer.

Having poor quality sleep

Sleep deprivation causes a series of disorders perceived throughout the day. Poor sleep leaves the body without energy, increases stress levels. People who frequently suffer from insomnia are more prone to health problems, much of which is due to a weakened immune system.

A research carried out at the University of Washington, in the United States, presented evidence that the quality of sleep is related to the effectiveness of vaccines.

Still, according to the director of the university and one of those responsible for the research, Doctor Nathaniel Watson, the immune system of those who have a good quality of sleep is stronger. It is recommended to sleep between 7 or more hours to achieve better health.

feel lonely

An article published on the website of Revista Veja, brings data from a survey carried out in the United States, in which the feeling of loneliness was associated with the weakening of the immune system. According to science, loneliness can make an individual more susceptible to problems like rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, as well as diseases such as herpes and chronic inflammation.

Having an unregulated diet

Finally, eating habits greatly impact the strengthening of the immune system. Foods with good nutritional sources, free from excess sodium, fat and sugars help to improve the general health picture, in addition to benefiting the body in several notable aspects to the naked eye and perceived in the long term. A good option is to bet on the Mediterranean diet, which is based on plant foods, cereals, fruits, seeds, oils, eggs, fish, etc.

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