Domingo Espetacular becomes TV Fama and has the highest audience in 63 weeks

Nobody can resist a good gossip: the audience at Domingo Espetacular is proof of that. Used to fighting with Silvio Santos in the race for vice-leadership in Greater São Paulo, Record’s electronic magazine had record rates thanks to the universe of celebrities. In an edition marked by an editorial line worthy of TV Fama, with extensive reports on the unfolding of the accusations against comedian Marcius Melhem and an interview with singer Simaria, the program had its best performance in 63 weeks and won the SBT.

According to consolidated audience data for Greater São Paulo, obtained by the report of the Pop TV with market sources, Domingo Espetacular reached peaks of 12 points in Fabiana Oliveira’s chat with Simone’s duo and scored an average of 10.0 in its full time slot, from 7:47 pm to 11:13 pm. The index represents the best performance of the journalist this year: in order to find comparable indices, we have to go back to April 4, 2021, the date on which the electronic magazine scored 10.2 points on average.

In addition to the record rates, the program led by Eduardo Ribeiro and Paloma Poeta also achieved other achievements by surfing in the celebrity universe: the attraction finally had more audience than Globo Rural (8.9) and was the most watched attraction outside the Globo throughout the week, in addition to being the only program that surpassed the double-digit Ibope barrier outside the programming of the largest broadcaster in the country. Used to vying for vice-leadership with journalists, Programa Silvio Santos (7.5) found itself relegated to an indigestible third place.

However, even with the good performance of Domingo Espetacular, Record did not go beyond the usual third place in the Sunday average: by just a tenth, SBT excelled from 7 am to midnight and did not lose second place, for score from 5.9 to 5.8 points. Silvio Santos’ broadcaster got the better of it in the morning (3.1 to 1.9) and in the afternoon (6.9 to 5.6), but lost steam in prime time (7.4 to 9.1).

Check out the averages obtained by the programs of the main TV stations this Sunday (19):

AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)13.9
Holy Mass in Your Home4.2
Paulista antenna4.4
Small Business Big Business5.7
Rural Globe8.9
Auto Sport10.8
Spectacular sport9.2
Nations League: Serbia vs Brazil9.1
Maximum temperature: Bumblebee11.4
The Voice Kids12.7
Brasileirão 2022: Corinthians vs Goiás20.4
Sunday with Huck17.6
On the Edge: The Elimination10.4
Major Sunday: Star Wars – The Last Jedi6.3
Cinemaço: Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines4.7
hour 15.3
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.8
Universal Church0.5
São Paulo of Awards1.2
Record Kids: Biblical Drawings2.7
Record Kids: The Woodpecker Gang3.2
Record Kids: Everybody Hates Chris5.0
Cine Maior: Goosebumps 2 – Haunted Halloween5.7
Faro time5.8
Sing with me8.4
Spectacular Sunday10.0
Record Camera6.4
Chicago Med3.4
Universal Church0.8
AVERAGE DAY (07:00/00:00)5.9
Newspaper of the Week2.3
foot on the road2.2
Always well1.7
SBT Sports2.1
Awesome news3.5
Jequiti Wheel by Wheel4.5
Tele Seine4.5
Nice Sunday7.1
Silvio Santos Program7.5
Midnight Session: The Trapalhões in Serra Pelada3.2
Who hasn’t seen it will see: Uma Hora de Sucesso, Escolinha do Golias, Meu-in-law and SBT Realidade1.4
The Best of Connection Reporter1.5

Each point represents 74,666 households and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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