Everton Cebolinha has daily work before arriving at Flamengo, and personal praises: “Trainou superbly” | Flamengo

+Everton Cebolinha thanks for affection in Flamengo and says: “I’m going to suffer from anxiety”

This Monday, aided by his personal Victor Fernandes, the striker began training with the ball. Victor has been teaching Cebolinha for about 20 days in Fortaleza.

– We will train every day until Saturday. He trained well that month. He is a very good athlete physically and with a lot of good skills. He is very skilled, he has a lot of mastery of game content, he is very fast and powerful. He’s a formidable athlete,” Victor told the ge.

Everton Cebolinha is Flamengo’s new reinforcement for 2022 — Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo

After completing the six training sessions that are scheduled until Saturday, he arrives in Rio de Janeiro on the weekend. It will carry out some evaluations, and the beginning of work on the Ninho do Urubu is scheduled for Monday.

Everton will initially stay in a hotel while it settles housing issues. The official presentation should take place in early July, since at the beginning of next week Flamengo travels to Ibagué, where they will face Tolima, in the round of 16 of Libertadores.

Everton announces that he is from Flamengo on his social networks: "Now I'm Mengão"

Everton announces that he is from Flamengo on his social networks: “Now I am Mengão”

The last days of Cebolinha were busy. On Friday he went to São Paulo for medical examinations and on Saturday he was in Rio to sign a contract, pose for photos and have his first contact with his new teammates. On the same day, he traveled to Fortaleza, where, on Sunday, alongside family members, he celebrated his trip to Flamengo.

In conversation with ge, personal Victor Fernandes, who has been training professional players since 2013, including Osvaldo, Fernando Prass, Anderson Martins and Pikachu, told step by step about the work carried out with Cebolinha since the beginning of the month. Check it out below:

When did you start working with Cebolinha?

– I started with Everton about 20 days ago. We did an assessment first to understand how he was doing. He’s been out of games for a few days now. Clinically he was perfect, in the exams everything went very well.

Victor has been training professional players since 2013. He has a degree in physical education with a specialization in exercise physiology and sport psychology — Photo: Reproduction

First reviews of Cebolinha with Victor

– First, we did an anatomical readaptation, where we were able to assess that mobility and stability were very good. We started the motor control part, after that we started the strength work.

– We did a strength assessment, started training focused on power, and Everton is behaving very well, progressing physically despite being a few days without games (has not played since April 30, when Benfica beat Marítimo by 1 to 0). The same game rhythm will be necessary for him to be able to improve his performance and be that Cebolinha that every Flamengo fan is looking forward to.

Ball work started this Monday

– After these days of readaptation, strengthening and stabilization of motor control, we have already started work with the ball in order to improve the technical quality even more. He is an extremely skilled athlete, very intelligent and very efficient in his actions. We are now able to progress in the more specific part of the game.

Cebolinha trained this Monday with Victor Fernandes alongside Éderson, ex-Corinthians and today at Salernitana-ITA — Photo: Personal Archive

Exercises at the gym before heading to the field

– The schedule for Everton this week has gym work before the field. Every day he does stabilization, mobility, motor control, muscle activation and reinforcement work. And we transfer to the field, which is the game environment for him to arrive very well physically (to Flamengo) and be able to integrate the squad in the best possible way.

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