Everwild developer speaks out about upcoming game news

Microsoft’s presentation at Game Shwocase 2022 was packed with great games exclusive to Xbox Series X/S and therefore Xbox Game Pass, but one of the most anticipated was missing. we are talking about everwilda new project by rare which, given the extensive success of Sea of ​​Thieves’ multiplayer, looks like we’ll have good expectations here too.

It’s a game that has already made two trailer appearances at Xbox conferences, but has fallen off the radar. What could have happened? Well, a fan just asked that a developer, Louise O’Connorone of the project leaders and we got the following response:

fan on twitter: Because? Why are you doing this to us loyal fans, craving some juicy news about #everwild? Is the project still alive? Any clues about development? Could you share some information?… Please?

Louise replied: I’m as excited to talk about it as you are to hear about it! The team is working really hard, we’ll share something as soon as we can! #haveFaith

That is, no date or anything like that was entered, but it showed that Rare is committed to the development of the game and it looks like they’re working hard to get it back on the conference radar and maybe even with a release date. A gameplay wouldn’t be too bad either, let’s stay tuned!

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