Family that hasn’t used toilet paper in four years reveals how they clean their butt

The story of a Canadian family who abandoned the use of toilet paper in everyday life went viral after parents explained the new method adopted by the couple and their three young children.

Matriarch Amber Allen said in an interview with The Sun that the idea of ​​dropping the roles came after they realized the huge debt they had incurred. That is, it would be necessary to cut some expenses.

So toilet paper was chosen first and baby wipes were inserted instead. However, they realized that there were still a lot of expenses and they generated waste in the same way.

With this, the most sustainable method developed by the couple was the use of cloths. Cloth diapers for the baby and other cloths for the family to clean up after the necessities were purchased.

“Literally throwing money down the drain,” Amber said, about having lived so many years paying for toilet paper.

Canadian family impressed the internet with tips on sustainability and economy. (Photo: Reproduction)

Currently, even free of debt, the couple remained with the sustainable methods found and the mother still explains on the Youtube channel how to wash the reusable cloths.

Amber explains that buying second-hand fabrics to save even more money is a great alternative. She even says that purchasing online can be much more affordable.

To wash the handkerchiefs, the mother explains that she dips them in a bucket of water and vinegar. After the process, she puts them in the washing machine.


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